2020 Gift Guide

2020 Gift Guide

Our 2020 Gift Guide is here, and this year we are sharing gifts with our favorite stoners of all time. 

We're giving Tai Frazier a set of Holden Mesk stickers, so she can find inspo to draw them on Travis's skateboard, a pack of Great Smokies Cannabis prerolls for an herbal refreshment during gym class, and a new pair of Le Bon Shoppe socks to go with her next makeover lewk. 

For our bud Jeff Spicoli: A pack of Wild Yonder Steal Your Face bath soak, because after a long day of tasty waves he'll wanna relax, a Summerland Ceramics water pipe to help him achieve the cool buzz he's always after, and a bottle of Veil so Mr. Hand doesn't smell anything suspicious when Jeff finally shows up for class.
For our retro-loving queen Vickie Miner, we bestow a pair of color therapy glasses to match her fav vintage dress, a bottle of Kiskanu Intimacy Oil to use for some self-care after a long day working at The Gap, and a Miwak Junior Ometepe Pipe to use with friends on Good Times trivia night.
And finally, for Smokey: a pack of Garden Party papers so he doesn't have to make a trip to the convenience store, a Sackville Gilded Grinder for all the herb one can ever imagine, and a jar of Garden Party Blooms so he doesn't smoke Big Worm's stash.

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