Garden Party Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Your Support System

Your therapist. Your co-worker confidante. Your comedian. The friend that always shows up. Maybe even your ob/gyn. These gifts are for your support system, the people that lift you up and are always there to help you live your best life. 

Clockwise, Left to Right: Great Lakes Goods Forever Flower- A flower that lasts forever, a bouquet to commemorate a lifetime of friendship. Summerland Ceramics Hitter- The best of the best deserve only the best ceramic pipe possible, and we're big fans of theseNa Nin Cannabis/Opium Den Eau de Parfum- Giving the gift of scent is always a good idea, especially with an eau de parfum that begs its wearer to remember the time you were out in the desert together, swinging on hammocks and looking at the stars. 200 Women: A book filled with interviews from inspiring women, to give to the woman that inspires you. Sibilia Hamsa Bowl: Crafted from metalsmith Fernanda Sibilia, these hand bowls are the perfect accessory to hold your BFF's favorite jewels. Plus it's a reminder that you're always gonna be there to lend a hand. Tennen Incense Spirals- These Japanese incense spirals burn for two hours, and burning them has become a daily ritual of ours. High Society Collection Earrings: These earrings serve a dual purpose. They're a beautiful addition to an outfit, sure. But they also function as a clip for the person that likes to indulge.