Garden Party Gift Guide 2018: Weird Wild World of White Elephant

We've all been to one, hosted one, or tried to avoid one. The White Elephant Gift Exchange, a battle royale to procure the best gift of the bunch. The gloves come off and you find out who your real friends are. Sometimes weird, often wacky, and a little bit wild, our gift guide will be sure to please the white elephant in the room. 

Clockwise, left to right:

Cats & Plants by Stephen Eichhorn- Because we all have a cat/plant lady hiding out deep down inside of us and she's ready to come out to play. Wild Honey Botanicals Vitamin Sea Mask - Journey into the sea, because there's nothing weirder than a jar of Hawaiian Spirulina. Plus it makes your skin feel *super.* Sibilia Hand Incense Holder - Intended for incense, I'm thinking this could double as a really cute back scratcher too? Tsubota Pearl Matchstick Lighter - Everyone's gonna fight to the death for this super cute, discreet lighter. Areaware Pizza Little Puzzle Thing - A slice of pizza to last forever, or at least until your next White Elephant party. Farbod Ceramics Mr. Pipe - Quirky, silly, a little confusing at first glance. Everything a white elephant gift should be. Hemp Magick CBD Suppositories - For front or back insertion (hehe), who wouldn't wanna give these a whirl? They're a wonderful tool for pain relief. And honestly I can think of no other weird, wild white elephant gift that could possibly come close to topping this.