Garden Party Gift Guide 2018: Gifts for Krampus


Stuff for your holiday grinch. The guy who has everything. The girl who's hard to please. The boss who has been around the block and thinks they know a thing or two. The sibling that thinks they are the favorite. Give these gifts to put a smile on the face of even the sassiest of the sassy.


Clockwise, Left to Right:

Bong AppetitAn entire cookbook filled with recipes to help even the most wound up tune in & vibe out. Color Therapy Glasses - Help the grouchy ones you love see the world through rose-colored glasses, literally. These mood elevators are sure to delight, even when the sun's not out. Ceramic Banana Pipe - How does that old saying go? A toke from the banana pipe a day keeps the grumpies away. Wildflower Healing StickAn easy remedy for that snarky snark? Pure CBD bliss, to prevent a stick up one's bum. Goober Candle Perhaps what's needed is a gentle reminder to lighten up, enjoy the holiday, don't be a goober, ya know? Blue Ridge Hemp Blue JaysIf all else fails, give the gift of a smoke break. These CBD flower pre-rolls  are the ultimate mood lifter, and the thing everyone wants to find in their stocking this year. Bright House SocksMaybe all that's needed to turn that frown upside down is some pep in their step with a fun pair of socks.