Gnarla Carla - Bikini Bottom Pipe

Gnarla Carla - Bikini Bottom Pipe

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We may never know what lives at the bottom of the ocean, but one thing's for sure. Somewhere in the Pacific near the Marshall Islands is a city called Bikini Bottom, where sea creatures convene for crabby patties and live in pineapple-shaped abodes.

Gnarla Carla's Bikini Bottom Spoon Pipe is an ode to this wondrous atoll, patterned in groovy florals that make us wish we were friends with SpongeBob and Patrick in real life. 

Why You'll Love It: 

  • Each piece is handblown by Gnarla Carla herself. Each spoon is unique and will have variations.
  • Cartoon lovers rejoice!

Must be 21+ to purchase.