Barbari Herbals - CBD Preroll Variety Pack of 5

Barbari Herbals - CBD Preroll Variety Pack of 5

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Want a preroll for every mood? Barbari's Variety Pack was made for you. Each pack includes one Airplane Mode CBD Spliff, one Muse CBD Spliff, one Car Sex CBD Spliff and two Hemp Smokes.


Contains: Five .6g prerolls
Herbal Spliffs contain ~30mg (5%) CBD
Hemp Smokes contain ~100mg (17%) CBD
All prerolls contain less than .3% THC 


Airplane Mode:  Hemp CBD, rose, lavender, sage, blue lotus, raspberry leaf

Muse:  Hemp CBD, jasmine, peppermint, sage, raspberry leaf

Car Sex:  Hemp CBD, lions tail, mullein, white sage, raspberry leaf

Hemp Smokes:  Suver Haze hemp CBD grown by High Desert Nectar in Bend, Oregon


Must be 21+ to purchase.

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