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Rose Delights - Nunchi Strawberry Jasmine Boba CBD Delights

Regular price$45.00

Introducing a new seasonal recipe from Rose, created in partnership with Nünchi’s Lexie Park, that brings together a refreshing mix of local produce and herbal tea in the style of a beloved, cheeky, bubble tea treat. Chino Farms’ Albion and Mara De Bois strawberries are paired with Snow Jasmine green tea from San Francisco-based Song Tea, and infused with Sour Lifter from Elli-Hou Farms. Enjoy a single Delight or squish two together for chewy fruity tea in one bite.

Why You'll Love It:

  • 20 Delights per box, 200mg total CBD
  • Tastes like your favorite bubble tea!

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