Sway - "T" Thaistick
Sway - "T" Thaistick

Sway - "T" Thaistick

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Wow, she's rich! This blunt is 2 grams of organic hemp flower pressed in the thai stick method, and rolled in an organic hemp wrap, which is infused with maté and cacao, giving it a full bodied, chocolatey flavor. Sway never rolls you trim or shake.

The tip is made of organic bamboo and you can reuse it! The whole thing, like all our blunts, is 100% biodegradable and organic! Thai Sticks are a unique smoking experience, because they burn so slow and smooth, and because you can relight them multiple times and they stay nice and fresh. We love them as a self-care stand-by, or as a unique gift for a special occasion.

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