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Soulfull Simone Farm - Herbal Self Love Smoke Blend

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Puff, puff, ahhhhh. Herbal Self Love Smoke Blend combines mullein, red raspberry, roses, and damiana for a smooth and delicious toke. From our friends at  Soulfull Simone Farm, a Black-owned micro flower and herb farm in Western North Carolina, just minutes from Garden Party. 

Why You'll Love It:

* Roll into a J, puff from a pipe, or pack in a bong for clear-headed herbal refreshment.

* Puff on its own or combine with other super fun plants like our Blooms hemp flower.

* After you've enjoyed the herbs, the shiny metal tin becomes a stash case!

Note: These gorgeous dried herbs are loose in the tin. We admire their zest for life, but suggest you open the tin carefully so they don't dance away upon arrival. 

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