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Car Sex CBD Spliff

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Tantalize your senses with pre-rolls that combine energizing herbs with sun grown hemp flower. Wild dagga gets the blood flowing, white sage boosts the mood, and hemp flower takes it to the next level. Enjoy two sexy pre-rolls with a partner, solo in the bath, or cruising with your besties.

Must be 21+ to purchase.


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Beginner Stoner 44%
Seasoned Stoner 56%
Chill 44%
Focused 56%
Why You'll Love It

+Prepare for take off with two .6g spliffs
+Super long, elegant tips are extra glam
+If TLC made a CrazySexyCool pre-roll this would be it!

It's Great For
Suggested Use

Sun grown hemp, raspberry leaf, mullein, white sage, and wild dagga. ~30mg (5%) CBD, and less than .3% THC per spliff.

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