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Herbal Signature Cigs

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What happens when you kick tobacco or are on a tolerance break with cannabis and still want the daily ritual of taking a moment for yourself? Consider trying something a little smoother, like Puff Herbals' Signature Cigs. These pre-rolled herbal cigarettes are just the ticket!

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Why You'll Love It

+Enjoy these smokable, pre-rolled herbs in place of tobacco, nicotine, cannabis, hemp, and CBD. Just organic, food-grade herbs here!
+Puff's Signature Smoke Blend but already pre-rolled into cigarettes using biodegradable cellulose filters and unbleached, chlorine-free paper.
+The Signature Smoke Blend includes damiana leaf, marshamallow leaf, mullein, Klip Daga petals, lemon balm leaf and flower, skullcap, wormwood, and wood betony.
+Each pack contains 10 0.75 gram smokes in recyclable packaging.

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