Color Therapy Glasses

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A color for whatever ails you! Chromatherapy, or color therapy, is said to aid in the relief of many common health and mood conditions. Worn daily for up to an hour, each color is meant to provide support and relief. So how do they work? The eyes convert color into a kind of energy that travels through the nervous system. Studies show that when certain colors are introduced, they can cause cellular and hormonal changes that result in a synchronistic balance with the color. 

Blue: (Thyroid/Throat Chakra) Suggests spirituality and order. Those who wear it reflect a wish for peace and quiet, tranquility and even solitude.

Red: (Base/Sacral Chakras) Red makes you feel more energetic, outgoing and ready to move in some overt way. Red helps to motivate fire and passion, ferocity and strength. Sexy!

Green: (Heart/Cardiac Chakra) Creates calm, soothing, and balancing atmospheres. Green tends to create harmony and equilibrium. 

Yellow: (Heart/Cardiac Chakra) Encourages open mindedness and attention to detail. Yellow generates positive and optimistic qualities in those who wear it. 

Pink: (Crown/Pineal Chakra) Generates feelings of softness, gentleness, and kindness. Creates feelings of love and compassion.

Purple: (Brow/Third Eye Chakra) Wearing purple generates the feeling of self respect and dignity. It has creative and spiritual qualities.