Burner Babe - Orange Crutch Pack

Burner Babe - Orange Crutch Pack

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Coming in clutch with a premade crutch! An essential part of the rolling experience, crutches are the paper filter at the end of a preroll or joint that you hold and inhale through. Also called a filter or a tip, it's an essential aspect to the experience of smoking a joint because it can keep the end of your joint open, keeps the joint straight, and blocks bits of plant matter from getting in your mouth at inhale.

And because we like keeping it cute, Burner Babe's set of 20 crutches are bright, citrusy orange.

All frills here. These filters look super cute with our designer papers--and they are the perfect way to add some style to ordinary papers. Hand-rolled in NYC, these filters are made from recycled paper.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Each pack comes with 20 filters aka crutches.
  • Made from recycled paper and hand-rolled in NY with love.
  • Each filter measures about 26mmx6mm
  • Elevates an otherwise normal preroll or joint with the cutest pattern!

Must be 21+ to purchase.