• DoubleBlind Issue 8
  • DoubleBlind Issue 8

DoubleBlind Issue 8

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The psychedelic movement is continuing to expand and grow at rapid speed and, yet, simultaneously we’re seeing an internal call to slow down, to be more intentional. In this issue, DoubleBlind highlights voices who seek to do that by broadening and complexifying the conversations we’re all having.

Yes, psychedelics have shown promise for disrupting our current mental health epidemic, but what might we be missing when that’s our only lens? In this issue, Dr. Andrew Weil encourages us to advocate for and learn about all historically stigmatized plants and fungi, from kava to the coca plant. Musician East Forest puts forth an optimistic and empowering thesis regarding this apocalyptic moment in history. Meanwhile, Alnoor Ladha and Rene Suša challenge the idea that “the psychedelic renaissance” is part of a movement toward an enlightened humanity, rather than a new manifestation of the same harmful tactics that have oppressed marginalized peoples for centuries. In this issue, too, as always, DoubleBlind seeks to address timely trends within the emerging psychedelic industry, from a new wave of at-home ketamine lozenge companies to churches seeking the federal right to use psychedelics for spiritual reasons. These conversations remain ambitious—and often messy, when done with intention. DoubleBlind invites you to have them with us. 

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