Ficus Ceramica - Strawberry Fruit Poke
Ficus Ceramica - Strawberry Fruit Poke

Ficus Ceramica - Strawberry Fruit Poke

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Say goodbye to your bobby pins, paperclips, and chewed pen tops. There's a new poker in town and your smoke sesh will thank you. These porcelain strawberries are slipcast from the real thing in the New Orleans studio of Ficus Ceramica. 

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Artist Kate Clarke makes plaster molds of real food or nature objects, then uses a house-made recipe of liquid porcelain to cast copies of the real thing. While the porcelain is still wet, she perfects each individual piece by hand, turning it into a fantastically functional pipe.
  • Far more durable than it appears! Porcelain is used in heavy duty items like dinnerware, toilets, and spaceship tiles, so it can handle daily use. Each pipe comes with a velvet bag for safe and stylish storage.
  • Easy to clean! Submerge in isopropyl alcohol, let sit overnight to dissolve the resin, then rinse with soapy hot water. Let it dry completely, and it's good as new.

Please Note: Each Strawberry Poker has its own special and unique qualities. We cannot promise that the strawberry received will look exactly the same as the one in the photo.