Heilbron Herbs - Sleep Tincture

Heilbron Herbs - Sleep Tincture

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Are you looking for a more natural way to ease into a good night’s sleep? Say goodbye to habit-forming sleep aids with this herbal sleep tincture designed to calm the mind, settle the nervous system, and promote restful sleep – tonight and in the long term.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • This blend of calming and gently sedative herbs include California poppy, maypop, chamomile, skullcap, and milky oats.
  • The tincture is designed to aid with short term sleeplessness and support healthy sleep patterns in the long term. It may become even more effective with several days, weeks, and months of use.
  • A lovely addition to your evening routine. Simply take 2 droppersfull before bedtime in a small glass of water. This ritual can help remind your body it’s time to wind down.


Store out of sunlight. Shake well. Sleep easy.

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