MAWA Ceramics - Wine &

MAWA Ceramics - Wine 'n' Dine Ashtray

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You’re savoring your last bite when your dining companion asks if you have anything for a smoke sesh. A classy host like you always has something special on hand. Wine them, dine them, then delight them with this handmade ceramic ashtray. 

MAWA Ceramics handcrafted this colorful smoking accessory for food lovers and wine connoisseurs who enjoy a puff after a good meal. Hand painted faces, wine bottles, and kitchen knives are like a dinner party for your smoking tray. 

Why You’ll Love it

  • You’re a sophisticated stoner who likes to eat, drink, and be merry.
  • This one-off art piece is a Garden Party exclusive. You’ll be the only one with this beauty.
  • MAWA Ceramic’s legendary artists handcrafted this ashtray in Asheville just for you.

Intended for tobacco use only. Must be 21+ to purchase.