Odd Apples

Odd Apples

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From perfect pink ladies to rough-skinned russets: a gorgeous study of the wondrous variety of apples

William Mullan’s obsession with apples began when he saw his first Egremont Russet at a Waitrose grocery store outside of London. Fascinated by its gnarled, potato-like appearance and shockingly fresh, nutty flavor, Mullan began searching for, and photographing, rare apple varieties. In Odd Apples, each apple is lovingly rendered and styled according to its individual “personality”—a combination of its looks and its flavors. The apples are set against complementary brightly colored backdrops; they are peeled or unpeeled, cut or whole, skin shriveled or perfectly smooth and shiny.
It is precisely this odd charm combined with the hitherto unknown that makes these photographs fascinating studies of a supposedly commonplace fruit. Mullan embraces its idiosyncratic aesthetic qualities completely, and invites us, in this attractive gift book, to embark on a visual expedition into the world of the apple.
By day, William Mullan (born 1989) works at an artisanal chocolate factory in Brooklyn, and by night, he photographs fruit. British-born, New York–based Mullan came to photography as an autodidact and his talent was quickly recognized. His Odd Apple project developed into an influential and much talked-about series, reviewed by the New Yorker, the New York Times and i-D Magazine, and released as a sold-out run of prints on his website.

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