• 2mg Hemp-Derived Deep Sleep Delights
  • 2mg Hemp-Derived Deep Sleep Delights

2mg Hemp-Derived Deep Sleep Delights

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Experience Rose Delights' Deep Sleep formula with a very low dose buzz. These are the same Delights you know and love, but with 2mg of hemp-derived THC for good measure. 

Must be 21+ to purchase. 

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Beginner Stoner 34%
Seasoned Stoner 66%
Chill 22%
Focused 78%
Why You'll Love It

+A mild, mellow intoxication comes with these Delights. +Perfect for drifting off into a night's rest.
+Flavored with Frog Hollow Farms' mulberries, passionflower, and vanilla.
+Infused with cannabinoid-rich flower rosin and hemp-derived THC.
+Uniquely formulated to support comfort and provide a better night's sleep.
+20 Delights per box.

It's Great For

A good night's rest.

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