• Pipe with Indigo Sleeve
  • glass one hitter with silicone sleeve

Pipe with Indigo Sleeve

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From the protective carry sleeve and the tapered glass form to the ability to store a bowl or keep ash out of your bag, this classy handheld pipe has been thoughtfully designed to be able to take your session anywhere. 

Made of high-quality 2.5mm thick, black-tinted borosilicate glass, this handheld piece comes with a custom designed silicone sleeve that protects your piece from breaking and your bag from ash. The pipe features an ash-catching indent for clean hits as well as a flat base and small roll stops so it can sit upright or lay flat on its side while you pack a bowl. A  steel keychain conveniently allows you to attach it to your bag or belt loop.

Intended for tobacco use only. Must be 21+ to purchase. 

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Why You'll Love It

+Handheld compact size.
+Black tinted glass Pipe comes with beautiful silicone sleeve in Indigo blue.
+Ash catching indent near the mouthpiece.
+Molded feet and flat base allow it to lay flat or stand upright.
+Purple "moonlight" silicone carry sleeve for protection.
+Steel keychain to clip to your bag or belt.


    Nothing helps me find a sense of control in a chaotic world more than cleaning. And that's why, after having cleaned every other nook and cranny in the house, I've moved on to more detailed projects.


    Do you remember your first trip to a head shop? These old-school smoke shops aim to “get your head right” with glass pipes, hookahs, and racks of tie dye t-shirts. It might sound like a dream for cannabis enthusiasts, but typical head shops can feel awkward or even uncomfortable for folks who don’t fit the stoner stereotype.