2020 Gift Guide

2020 Gift Guide

By Tarleton Walmsley

Our 2020 Gift Guide is here, and this year we are sharing gifts with our favorite stoners of all time. 

We're giving Tai Frazier a set of Holden Mesk stickers, so she can find inspo to draw them on Travis's skateboard, a pack of Great Smokies Cannabis prerolls for an herbal refreshment during gym class, and a new pair of Le Bon Shoppe socks to go with her next makeover lewk. 

For our bud Jeff Spicoli: A pack of Wild Yonder Steal Your Face bath soak, because after a long day of tasty waves he'll wanna relax, a Summerland Ceramics water pipe to help him achieve the cool buzz he's always after, and a bottle of Veil so Mr. Hand doesn't smell anything suspicious when Jeff finally shows up for class.
For our retro-loving queen Vickie Miner, we bestow a pair of color therapy glasses to match her fav vintage dress, a bottle of Kiskanu Intimacy Oil to use for some self-care after a long day working at The Gap, and a Miwak Junior Ometepe Pipe to use with friends on Good Times trivia night.
And finally, for Smokey: a pack of Garden Party papers so he doesn't have to make a trip to the convenience store, a Sackville Gilded Grinder for all the herb one can ever imagine, and a jar of Garden Party Blooms so he doesn't smoke Big Worm's stash.


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