Burning Questions With Shi🔥

Burning Questions With Shi🔥

By Tarleton Walmsley

Today on the blog we're getting to know Shi, the newest member of the Garden Party team. You might have already had the chance to meet Shi (she/they) at the shop over the holidays, but you can find them Garden Partying on Sundays and Mondays. ⁠

1. Where are you from originally, and how long have you lived in Asheville?
I am originally from a small town near the coast of North Carolina! I moved to Asheville for college (Warren Wilson College) and have been living here for almost 5 years now. I stay in a cozy little house in West AVL with some lovely friends.
2. What is your relationship with cannabis like?
Cannabis and I have a long beautiful relationship. I deal with a chronic illness that can be quite harsh on my body at times and cannabis has helped me through that. Personally, I love it and all of its healing properties. I am grateful to be working in a space that is incredibly informative and transparent about this special little plant. 
I can’t mention my enjoyment of the plant without mentioning NO ONE SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR WEED. As incredible as it may seem that the legalization of cannabis is slowly creeping across the country, it is CRUCIAL to realize we are such a long way from where we should be. The legalization and popularization of cannabis has shapeshifted itself to a playground for white people to escape consequences and capitalize off of the same actions that landed thousands of non-white and Black people in jails and prisons. The work we do here at Garden Party is so crucial to our communities and as much as we like to indulge and enjoy, we also have to always be thinking about these injustices and actively fighting against them. 
3. What do you do when you're not Garden Partying?
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I’m not Garden Partying. Cooking a meal is an act of love and a resting point for me. It allows me to be intentional about my nourishment and feel connected when I am sharing it with others. During my work week, I am usually on my porch working on my poetry book or creating some new music. 
4. What is an ideal day in Asheville for you? Where do you go, who do you see?
An ideal day for me in Asheville would start with a salted caramel cold brew from DifferentWrld and a Korean biscuit from Trucking Delicious. I’d take a walk and stop into my favorite little thrift shop, Emote, and grab some items that I most likely do not need. I would grab some sushi from one of my favorite spots downtown, Miyako, most likely with some of my sweet friends. I would definitely get an impromptu tattoo from Holland over at Divination Tattoo. Then I would wrap up my day with a sunset drive on the parkway, get home, and have a herbal spliff (herbal blend from Soulfull Simone Farm) on my back porch before I start my nighttime routine!
5. Do you have a hidden talent?
I am really good at hula hooping? It was one of those things I learned during quarantine and now I love it! It is definitely a hobby that heals my inner child. 
6. How do you like to Garden Party?
MUSIC IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! I always start by creating my vibe with either one of my many carefully crafted playlists or letting the Spotify gods take control for a spontaneous sesh. Then I light my Cedar Stack candle by Boy Smells. Next I set out my Burner Babe papers and my Hemp filter tips on whatever book is nearby because using my handmade rolling tray would be absolutely absurd….and then I make sure my seashell ashtray is somewhere in reach. For the most part, I do not have a strain preference. For me personally it just depends on the time of day or what activity I am doing next. Mimosa or Blue dream are my favorite Sativa dominant strains for getting cleaning done, writing, and getting any miscellaneous work done. Purple Dragon is my favorite Indica dominant for doing nothing at all and just listening to some of my favorite tunes!
7. What helps you stay motivated and tap into creative energy?
Whenever I start to feel stagnant and unmotivated I always find myself turning to nature to remind me of movement, beauty, forgiveness. Getting outside can easily turn my whole mood around. I also think that being surrounded by so many creative, talented, and supportive people has definitely reshaped the way I think about my dreams and passions. I can always lean into them when I am feeling unsure and creatively blocked. 
8. Anything else you wanna share?
My birthday is on earth day so it feels very fitting to be a part of the Garden Party team!


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