March 2021 Guest List: Miss Piggy

March 2021 Guest List: Miss Piggy

By Tarleton Walmsley

Vivacious. Bold. Confident. Feminist Icon. These are just a few of the words I'd use to describe this month's guest, the notorious Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy's rise to fame began when, after having won a beauty contest, she starred in a bacon commercial. The rest is history--TV and movie roles, magazine covers, book deals, even a calendar. You name it, the talented Miss Piggy has literally done it all with style, grace, and charisma.

What I love most about Miss Piggy, though, is her confidence. From the start, she knew she was destined for stardom and nothing--not even patriarchal beauty standards--stopped her from achieving it. She's fierce, unafraid to use her voice, and as a result has achieved a ton of success. I'm starting to wonder if she's available for hire as a life coach...hmm. 

If we had Miss Piggy over, we'd talk about life, love, and the pursuit of success. I'd want to know about her ups and downs, what motivates her to keep going, and tips and tricks for not letting self-doubt take over. Then maybe she'd show me a few signature karate moves, let me try on her purple gloves, and tell me what it was like creating her own signature fragrance, aptly named "Moi." Also I feel pretty certain Miss Piggy probably likes to Garden Party, so I'd have some prerolls on hand for us to try together.


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