Holidaze Astrology: A Gift Guide for your Sign

Holidaze Astrology: A Gift Guide for your Sign

By Jay Nathan

The perfect gift is written in the stars. You were born for this Astrology Gift Guide from Garden Party. 


Your favorite Aries is always down for friendly competition. Fuel this feistiness with a night of challenges: A Le Puzz jigsaw puzzle speed sesh and joint rolling competition. Btw, pulling out Gossamer’s How To Roll A Sensible Joint guide is not considered cheating. Add a powerfully intoxicating Nice Hemp Co. canna candy for that “go big or go home” energy, or a tasty NA beverage like Ghia to give them a clear-headed advantage. 


Delight your Taurus with thoughtful gifts that bring love and beauty into their home. These homebodies at heart often have a penchant for florals, so you know the rose, soil, and weed scent of a Garden Party candle will hit the right notes. Tokin’ Tauruses will adore the fragrant woodsy plants and petals in Puff Herbals Signature Smoke Herbal Smoking Blend. Smoke-free friends will surely enjoy a luxurious bath with a Mountains to Sea CBD bath bomb



Expand your Gemini’s mind with gifts that ignite curiosity and communication. The Mushroom Oracle Deck is full of tiny forest facts and big questions to guide their inquisitive nature. An ahead-of-its-time art book like Hilma AF Klint: Paintings For the Future gives them instant imagination and conversation fodder. Ficus Ceramica’s asparagus one hitter will delight their eccentric sense of humor and let them enchant the smoke circle with a dramatic retelling of the artistic process behind this surreal pipe.



Give your sensitive, nurturing Cancer cozy gifts that say, “You deserve to be nourished, too.” Heilbron Herbs loose leaf teas are an invitation to seek warmth and comfort any time of day. A State the Label eye pillow filled with lavender, chamomile, and flax seed is literally the perfect weight to rest gently on weary eyelids. Add a pair of Le Bon Shoppe Cloud Socks for true head-to-toe bliss.



Let your Leo roar with gifts that encourage warmth and give “center of the universe” vibes. Spark this fire sign’s passion with the Foria Intimacy Duo for waves of pleasure. Nurture your Leo’s quieter moments with a bottle of Warm Feelings Everyday Oil, a daily ritual for glowing skin. Top it off with a massive June Glass mushroom pipe that turns an ordinary puff into a luxurious, Leo-worthy sesh. 



Your favorite Virgo makes the world go ‘round with brilliant ideas and to-do lists that make them reality. The fantastically functional fungi in Wooden Spoon Herbs Mushroom Magic tincture help soothe anxiety so this clever sign can shine. Take those list-making skills to new heights with a Smoker’s Section Activity Book full of ways to track favorite strains, plus coloring pages for when things get wavy. Be sure to include a bottle of Miwak Junior Terpene Wash so your Virgo can enjoy the satisfaction of a squeaky clean, pine-scented pipe.



Flirty Libras love to indulge in fantasy, especially when it looks good from every angle. This whimsical Ficus Ceramica Strawberry Fruit Poke turns a dirty pipe into an invitation to daydream and play. After a silly smoke sesh, take playtime in a much steamier direction with a flutter tip vibe by Maude. An ethereal June Glass bedside potion bottle gives them something gorgeous to gaze at during the afterglow. 



Scorpios are mysterious creatures who beckon us to look deeper. Imagine your favorite Scorpio locking eyes with you over a Summerland Bong and seeing right into your soul. What a way to win over a water sign. Pair with Tennen incense and a Nightshift Ceramics Incense Dish to take their passion and intensity to new heights. 



An adventurous Sagittarius loves to travel and make new friends, so a colorful Sessions Goods travel pipe is a must-have for their next mountain top sesh. Bundle it with BLOOMS Super Glue hemp flower from Garden Party, our favorite strain for socializing. The herbs and flower essences in Heilbron Herb’s Resilience Formula will fuel this fire sign’s quest for self-improvement and optimism. 



Practical Capricorns are delighted by responsible gifts that get the job done with style, like Sackville & Co’s Signature Grinder. A few daily drops of Calm + Clarity hemp tincture by Xula will keep this Earth sign grounded as they pursue their ambitions. Motivated by hard work and duty, Caps are sure to love the historic value of a limited edition Legalize Appalachia zine



Your favorite Aquarius is forward-thinking and a bit of a rebel, much like Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann whose first acid trip is detailed in the stunning book Bicycle Day. Pair with a handmade brass roach clip from Harp Designs for a gift that encourages their eccentricities. Never afraid of a good conspiracy theory, your Aquarius will love a MAWA Ceramics hand painted alien pin



Imaginative Pieces will adore the enchanted cannabis fairy tales in Once Upon a High Time. Enhance the fantasy with a box of Strawberry Jasmine Boba CBD edibles crafted by Rose Delights, a brand that follows their imagination down the rabbit hole with every release. A pair of CRUMi Stuff earrings lets your favorite Pieces feel very adult and embraced by child-like wonder all at once.


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