How to Garden Party: Summer Daze 🌞 🌊

How to Garden Party: Summer Daze 🌞 🌊

By Jay Nathan

We’re loving these late summer vibes. Lazy afternoons on the river, elaborate mountaintop picnics, a well-worn hammock in the backyard—there are endless ways to Garden Party on hot and hazy days. Here are some of our faves!

Backyard Sesh

The easiest Garden Party you’ll ever throw. Grab a tote bag and toss in a few hemp pre-rolls, a vintage matchbook, and outdoor incense to keep the skeeters away. Unfurl a picnic blanket, tip over your tote, and tell your crew to meet you in the backyard. All you have to do is toke and talk until the stars come out. 

Pontoon Party

A cherished Western North Carolina tradition! Pick your lake, reserve a boat, and putter around with your best buds ‘til sunset. Colorful travel pipes were made for days like this. Clip one to your belt, load your stash keychain with blooms, and let the world float on by.


P.S. The Broccoli x Afends Collab is so cute and we highly recommend the hemp tote for pontoon adventures;) 

NA Buffet

Tasty non-alcoholic beverages are extra refreshing when it’s hot hot hot out. Set up an epic tablescape of garden flowers and thirst-quenching bevs. A rainbow of Recess cans. A gorgeous Ghia display. Invite your sweetest bffs for some happy hydration.

Indoor Folks Garden Party, too!

Hate summer? We get it. Luckily, you can totally Garden Party indoors! First, light some fallen blossom or wandering moss incense to bring forest vibes inside. Then, place a few drops of herbal tincture under your tongue to help you inhabit your body with ease. Pull an otherworldly book off your shelf, turn on some groovy instrumental tunes, dim the lights, and enjoy some well-deserved sensory bliss.

Moss Watch 2022

Head out into the forests of Western North Carolina. Wander until you find a verdant mossy rock and gently climb on top. Open your stash bag and pull out a ceramic pipe that looks like a weathered stone. Fill it with dried roses and damiana. Spark it up with a flourish of brass. Puff and watch the moss grow all around you.


How do u Garden Party for summer? ☀️ 

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