Loving You

Loving You

By Jay Nathan

You might not realize it, but you have an epic romance that will last a lifetime. Whether you are solo and shining, partnered and content, or having fun dating folks who strike your fancy, you (yes, you!) are the love of your life. Celebrate your extraordinary self this Valentine’s Day by caring for your heart and body.
Whisper Sweet Somethings
Transport yourself back to elementary school when you gave Valentines to every kid in class. Your friends got T-Rex cards that said You’re Dino-Mite and maybe you saved the I Choo-Choo-Choose You train for your secret crush. But there’s someone you may have forgotten in your stack of cards—yourself.
Start a Valentine’s Day tradition by writing yourself a love letter. Pick a Valentine’s Day card that speaks to you, then write down some qualities you love about yourself and ways you want to care for yourself this year. Then slip it into a thought-provoking book or beautiful magazine to surprise your future self with a message of self-love.
Light Up Your LIfe
If cannabis is one of the ways you care for your body and mind, spend some time picking out special smoking accessories that honor your relationship with the plant. These whimsical one-hitters from Mawa Ceramics were sculpted by Mads and handpainted by Jess in a couple’s collab that encourages creativity with every puff. Put your everyday lighter aside and spark up your new one-hitter with a quirky vintage matchbook.
Set the vibe with some CBD flower that matches your mood. Garden Party’s Casino Cookies strain is uplifting and energizing with long-lasting effects that settle into mental and physical relaxation. T1 is a mellower strain from the start, perfect for quieting the mind and enjoying floaty, full-body bliss. If you’re looking for hot and heavy herbal delights, Barbari Herbals Car Sex CBD herbal spliff combines the benefits of hemp with a spicy blend of raspberry leaf, mullein, white sage, and wild dagga.
You Sexy Thang
Now that you’re nice and relaxed, it’s time to get sensual. Pleasure connects us with our core, and if sexuality is part of your journey, there are so many ways to explore. Dame and Maude vibrators for all genders and Foria CBD sex oils can open up a world of pleasure. CBD suppositories are designed to relieve pain during penetrative sex by encouraging arousal and increasing lubrication. Indulge in a long solo session or invite partners into your sensual world with intimate objects that spark connection.
Ultimate Stress Melters
The bathtub self-care stereotype exists for a reason—it simply feels wonderful. Start by lighting candles that evoke nostalgia, like Hazeltine’s River Daze candle, which uses notes of cannabis flower, vetiver root, and redwood bark to conjure lazy afternoons by the river. Let the healing properties of 100 mg of CBD wash over your body with a Mountains to Sea fizzy CBD bath bomb. If you don’t have a bathtub, Wato Chatsumi hinoki and cypress soap takes a steamy shower to the next level. After you step out of the water, treat yourself to silky skin with Citizen Bloom Botanics CBD body butter with lavender and sandalwood, and finish by slipping your feet into a pair of groovy socks that keep the good vibes going.
Kick Back and Connect 
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance; it gives us another reason to nurture our friendships. Invite a favorite friend over for a porch hang and roll two joints with pretty pink rolling paper from Sackville. Whip out a zany ashtray from Mawa Ceramics, complete with two notches for each of your joints to smolder in while you talk all night.
The next day, treat your body to some movement by asking a friend to join you in the woods for a hike and outdoor smoke sesh with a Tahoe Trail Tools Daytripper Pipe. This titanium one-hitter will stand the test of time, just like your friendship.
Love Yourself Today and Everyday
The longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, and treating yourself with kindness is a journey that goes beyond any single holiday. As you move through the year, try to embrace rituals that ignite your senses, whether it’s a puff of cannabis, a sensual night in, or the knowledge that you are worthy of all kinds of pleasure. Sometime this year, your own Valentine’s Day card will flutter out of a book and onto your lap, reminding you that loving yourself is the greatest gift.


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