No One Should Be In Prison For Weed

No One Should Be In Prison For Weed

By Tarleton Walmsley

Danielle Adams of Hemp Equity NC has compiled a list of principles and standards for white-owned hemp/cannabis businesses to follow as part of her initiative with HENC. We find the following standards non-negotiable as we grow into Garden Party 2.0.

-We are committed to hiring individuals regardless of criminal record.

-We are committed to actively and continually sharing a portion of our profits to communities negatively effected by the war on drugs.

-We will offer livable wages to our employees as we grow.

-We will strive to work with vendors that abide by fair labor practices.

-At least 15% of the goods we sell will be procured from businesses owned by people of color. 

If you're in the WNC area and own a business in the CBD/hemp space and want to know more about these initiatives, please share your contact information with us so we can keep you updated on future events and how to be involved.

Image Source: The Sweet Feminist


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