Tune In, Chill Out: A Very Weedy Podcast Playlist

Tune In, Chill Out: A Very Weedy Podcast Playlist

By Jay Nathan

You’re packing the car for an epic summer road trip. Throw in a smattering of snacks, cozy socks, plus a travel pipe and herbal refreshments for your arrival. You’re all set, except for the magic ingredient: the right sound waves. 

We’ve cued up a playlist of our favorite cannabis podcasts to expand your mind as you drive into the next dimension. 

Broccoli Talk

Do you wish two weedy BFFs were hanging out the passenger side of your best friend’s ride? Meet Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey and Lauren Yoshiko, co-hosts of Broccoli Talk: A Podcast for Cannabis Lovers. Listen to deep conversations about everything from cannabis incarceration's math problem to the intersections of weed, race, and pregnancy. Delight in their very vibey fantasy dinner party and explorations of the spiritual sublime as you take the scenic route. 


Blast L.A. weed culture from your car stereo with Marijuanera: A Podcast for Potheads. Host Mala Muñoz tokes up and talks about her adventures smoking tree and watching reality TV, the joys of skating while high, and records seshes with her chill, creative friends. Put her hilarious song parody “Stoney Woman” on repeat and watch the miles fly by. 

Smoke N' Science

Marvel at the magic of cannabis with two scientists who happen to be daily consumers of our favorite plant. Dr. Miyabe Shields and Dr. Riley Kirk break down the mysteries of the endocannabinoid system, take us inside a cannabis testing lab, and explain why certain strains just hit different. Listening to Smoke N’ Science is like having two fun nerds chilling in the backseat spewing facts that make your brain explode all over the dashboard (in a good way).

Blunt Blowin’ Mama

This badass weed mama is full of hot takes and real talk. Want to know what it’s like to use cannabis during pregnancy and postpartum? Or how real couples navigate stigma, sex, and parenthood with weed? Host Shonitria Anthony has recorded more than 150 episodes of Blunt Blowin’ Mama, and by our calculations, you could drive from Asheville to L.A. and back and still have plenty of episodes to puff with when you get home.

Great Moments in Weed History

You know that crew of college buds who smoke hella weed and have brilliant stoney conversations until sunrise? Great Moments in Weed History hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock have a sesh and share cannabis lore, from the true story of 420 to the hidden histories of cannabis heros like Brownie Mary and Denis Peron. Each episode starts with a moment for everyone to roll a joint, split a blunt, or pack a bowl together. We suggest you do the same and truly savor that first toke in vacationland.

Puff, puff, pass these podcasts recs and stock your road trip stash at Garden Party all summer!


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