Apple Ume Ginger CBD Turkish Delights

Apple Ume Ginger CBD Turkish Delights

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Enjoy a stress-relieving dose from Rose Delights. These Apple Ume Ginger Turkish delight gummies are made with Gravenstein apple cider made from fruit grown in Mendocino's historic Anderson Valley. Using a single strain Electra hemp flower rosin grown at Pomo Tierra Ranch. Each box contains (20) pieces of this delightfully tart, slightly spicy edible. 

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Why You'll Love It

+Pressing CBD flower into rosin maintains 100% of the cannabinoid and terpene profile without chemicals or additives.
+Made with single-strain hemp from small, regenerative farms.

It's Great For

Enjoy some stress relief and ease anxiety without a head high.

Suggested Use

Take one Turkish Delight gummy as needed. Non-intoxicating so great for daytime use!



apple*, ume*, ginger*, water, cane sugar*, tapioca syrup*, non-gmo potato starch, mct coconut oil*, non-gmo citric acid, hemp flower rosin, kosher salt*. coating: tapioca starch*, powdered sugar* *certified organic

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