Barbari x Xula Herbs - Period Daze Herbal Spliff

Barbari x Xula Herbs - Period Daze Herbal Spliff

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Barbari and Xula have joined forces to bring people with wombs a new kind of relief you can puff on. Period Daze herbal spliffs are a blend of a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG hemp with herbs like desert nectar, raspberry leaf, mugwort, camomile, pink rose, and cramp bark. This blend is specially formulated to help you make it through even the worst PMS and period pain. 

Why You'll Love It:

  • Help ease the symptoms of PMS and menstruation with just a few puffs of these special spliffs.
  • Contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD-rich Frida flower from Ranchera Familia with CBG-rich hemp from High Desert Nectar, ~25mg of each.
  • Each tube contains two prerolls to help you get through the worst days of your period

Must be 21+ to purchase.