• Happy Hour CBG Mini Joints
  • Happy Hour CBG Mini Joints
  • Happy Hour CBG Mini Joints
  • Happy Hour CBG Mini Joints

Happy Hour CBG Mini Joints

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Seven perfectly rolled mini CBG joints designed to give you the leisurely smoking experience you crave—minus the mind-melting high. With floral notes of camomile, vanilla, and peppercorn, Happy Hour pre-rolls offer an uplifting, body-relaxing buzz, a burst of creativity, and a cloud of calm.


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    Beginner Stoner 65%
    Seasoned Stoner 35%
    Chill 85%
    Focused 15%
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    Smoke one mid-morning, midday, after work, or whenever you need a (well-deserved) break. Each pre-roll has .3 grams of CBG White to help take the edge off without putting you to sleep. 

    Suggested Use
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