3:1 Delta 9 Nice & Breezy Drops

3:1 Delta 9 Nice & Breezy Drops

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Another NICE way to partake is here. For those of you seeking the ratioed canna goodness of our edibles without the sugar, give these Nice Drops a try. Similar to a tincture, these drops contain only organic coconut MCT oil with craft hemp flower rosin. 

Great for sleep, pain, inflammation, and gently stoney good times! 


This tincture is intoxicating. Delta 9 THC may result in a failed drug test. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t consume if pregnant or breastfeeding. Enjoy responsibly :)


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Why You'll Love It

+Experience ratioed plant medicine without the sugar.
+Full-spectrum rosin pressed in-house at Nice Hemp Co.
+Solventless, vegan, gluten free.
+This 3:1 bottle is dosed with 900mg of CBD + 300mg Delta 9 THC for a total of 1200mg.

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Suggested Use

Organic coconut derived MCT oil + our full-spectrum craft hemp flower rosin.

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