Delta 9? It's Looking Fine (so far!)

Delta 9? It's Looking Fine (so far!)

By Jay Nathan

Wondering how to get high in a prohibition state? Garden Party in Asheville, North Carolina offers hemp-derived Delta 9 THC edibles and tinctures that are federally legal, third-party tested, and really quite nice.

Curious? Read on, canna-friends. 

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What’s Delta 9 THC? Is it Different from Delta 8?

You might have heard of Delta 8, a cannabinoid derived from federally legal hemp that has intoxicating effects. Maybe you saw our Delta 8? More Like Delta Wait  post last year. Check it out if you want to read about our concerns with Delta 8.

Since then, we’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve tried it. Some people enjoy that Delta 8 feeling, others absolutely hate it, and some local folks thought they bought CBD but were sold Delta 8 without their knowledge. Oof, a scary surprise.

You still won’t find Delta 8 on Garden Party shelves, but we’ve been learning about a different legal cannabinoid with a mellow high. It’s called Delta 9 THC.

Hello, Delta 9. Is it me you're looking for?

Just ask our customers, Delta 9 THC edibles and tinctures will absolutely get you high. In fact, Delta 9 THC is chemically identical to THC. So how is it legal in North Carolina?

Here’s the cut and dry answer — Delta 9 THC is derived from federally legal hemp that's less than 0.3% THC, but that measurement is the dry weight of the flower. An edible or tincture that contains other ingredients will weigh more, so a higher concentration of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is legal nationwide. 

Huh? Analogy, Plz

Did you know that non-alcoholic beer can legally contain up to 0.5% alcohol? The other 99.5% is other ingredients like water and hops. If you drink a very large quantity of non-alcoholic beer, you can get drunk like you would with a regular beer. 

Hemp (CBD) plants can legally contain 0.3% THC. Delta 9 THC edibles and tinctures can contain a very large quantity of THC from hemp plants because the weight of the other ingredients changes the ratio to a percentage that’s federally legal. 

The THC is still derived from legal hemp, but there is enough of it in a Delta 9 edible to make you feel high. It’s like you’ve had enough non-alcoholic beer to feel drunk, minus all that extra water and a headache the next day.

Is Delta 9 a Prohibition Loophole?

Yep - it sure is. It's likely that Delta 9 THC will be illegal in the future, either on the federal or state level. It could be similar to how states are trying to regulate Delta 8 now. This is very much a legalization loophole that’s becoming popular in prohibition states and may not stick around forever.

Are There Any Health Benefits to Delta 9 THC?

It’s a great question - It truly depends on the product. An edible made with Delta 9 THC isolate might be a fun experience, but you probably won’t provide the same health benefits as a full-spectrum edible.

Hemp edibles made with rosin may help manage pain, inflammation, migraines, upset stomach, anxiety, and more. They encourage an “entourage effect” thanks to the many cannabinoids and terpenes that are preserved when hemp plants are processed with just heat and pressure. 

Isolates (whether they’re exclusively CBD, Delta 8, or Delta 9) don’t offer the same health benefits as full-spectrum products that contain dozens of cannabinoids. Edibles and tinctures made with full-spectrum Delta 9 THC can offer more relief than CBD alone, especially when managing inflammation and pain.

OK, But Is Delta 9 THC Safe?

We believe a third-party tested Delta 9 THC edible with an accurate CoA is safer than an untested Delta 8 product. We also think it’s also safer than an illicit THC edible with unknown origins and ingredients. 

But there are risks to Delta 9 THC. People who are very sensitive to cannabis may not enjoy the intoxicating effects. While there are no documented cases of cannabis overdose, taking too much THC can be really uncomfortable. Someone who experiences intense anxiety, paranoia, or disorientation with full THC cannabis should probably avoid Delta 9, or if they want to explore, they could start with a very low microdose and be especially thoughtful about when and where they consume. 

Anyone who might be drug tested should definitely avoid Delta 9 THC. 

A few other cautions: Don’t drive after consuming Delta 9. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t consume if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult with your physician about potential interactions with other medications and any health concerns you might have. 

Is Delta 9 THC right for you? Garden Party has all the deets you need to make an informed choice. Read on, cannafriends.

Where Can I Buy Delta 9 THC in Asheville?

If you’re looking for a safe and effective Delta 9 product, go to a store you can trust and talk to a knowledgeable human. There are lots of anonymous websites selling Delta 9 THC products. We see ads for questionable edibles popping up in odd places, from social media to advertorials in local publications. Our spidey sense is tingling and yours should be too. 

If you want to try Deta 9 THC, it’s important to find a high-quality product with an accurate Certificate of Analysis. Fake or altered CoAs are common in the Delta 8 world, and we anticipate the same will be true with Delta 9. 

Luckily, Garden Party has been building relationships with brands for years. We study the CoAs and try all of the products ourselves before we consider sharing them with you. We feel confident working with brands that we already know and love as they add Delta 9 THC to their offerings. 

Delta 9 THC Sounds Pretty Nice

After doing our research, we found a Delta 9 THC full-spectrum edible that’s delicious, effective, and trusted – Nice Hemp Co.’s rosin edibles. Maybe you’ve tried their CBD lollipops! We’ve carried their rosebud, blackberry, orange + sage and strawberry + basil candies and gotten great feedback from customers.

The Garden Party team really enjoyed the Delta 9 THC lollipops from Nice Hemp Co. Each edible is infused with 10mg of CBD and 10mg Delta 9 THC (a 1:1 ratio) and a 25mg of CBD and 5 mg Delta 9 THC (5:1 ratio) for a mellow yet elevated experience. We feel confident in their vegan, gluten-free, full-spectrum rosin edibles made with real fruit and herbs. We may add more Delta 9 products as we find brands that meet our standards.

Garden Party is Here to Help!

If you’re feeling curious, let Garden Party be your guide to exploring Delta 9 THC. You can trust our rigorous vetting of brands. You can talk to us about the effects you’re looking for and we’ll match you with a safe and effective product. If you want to stick to CBD and avoid any intoxicating effects, you can trust us to sell you exactly what you ask for. Absolutely no surprises here.

Faraway friends — you’re invited too! We ship our Delta 9 THC edibles anywhere in the country. Enjoy the same trustworthy products plus a cute note and the pleasure of unwrapping something special from us to you.

Delta 9 THC is here for a good time, but probably not a long time. State and federal laws may change. So let’s party while the sun shines!


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