Garden Party Guest List: Jessica Lanyadoo

Garden Party Guest List: Jessica Lanyadoo

By Tarleton Walmsley

Garden Party Guest List: A person, living or deceased, real or imagined, that always has an invite to our Party.


On Sundays, I like to clean. Decluttering the spaces around me also seems to help declutter my mind, and it's a nice way to begin the week ahead. Aside from my favorite Method Antibacterial spray, the only other necessity I need during a cleaning sesh is a new episode of Ghost of a Podcast

In Jessica's own words, each episode of Ghost of a Podcast gives "you your weekly horoscope and no bullshit, mystical advice for living your very best life." It's the no bullshit part for me. On the woo scale, I land at a solid 5. Sometimes I can get witchy with it, and sometimes I'm as practical as can be. Jessica's podcast brings me the best of both worlds, and offers so much more than a weekly horoscope. 

In fact, Ghost of a Podcast has become an excellent stand-in for weeks when I don't see my therapist. So there's no confusion, Lanyadoo is not a therapist but the insights and advice Jessica offers the audience isn't too far off the mark from some of the same knowledge my therapist shares with me. Things like being kind to yourself, how having hard conversations with yourself and others leads to growth, tools to use as we heal from trauma and embrace loving ourselves. You know, the good stuff! And where others in the psychic medium/astrology field shy away from talking about racism, capitalism, the patriarchy, our political climate, Lanyadoo acknowledges that these things are very real, f'd up circumstances that have major impact on how we live our lives. 

In each weekly horoscope, Jessica details what kinds of things you might be able to expect in the week ahead. There are these things called transits, which if I'm being honest confuse me because they happen all the time. And yet these transits really seem to effect things like how we communicate, when is best to make big decisions, and serve as reminders of ways we can show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. The other thing I love is that if you need to "rewind" on what you're listening to or revisit something that caught your attention, Jessica provides transcripts of all the podcasts so you can go back to review. 

For a person that remains perpetually anxious, listening to these episodes has offered me some major insight on what I can expect from myself and others in the week ahead. Jessica's soothing voice and wise words have become an integral part of my self care routine the last few months. Jessica Lanyadoo is always invited to Garden Party with us:)



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