What We're Digging

What We're Digging

By Tarleton Walmsley

Lady Luck Flower Farm 
Last week, Seth and I woke up super early to make our way to Lady Luck Flower Farm. We had made an appointment to pick flowers for a photoshoot we had that week and it was so much fun. It was a super early, misty/moody/drizzly morning. Once we happened upon rows and rows of freshly bloomed flowers everything suddenly felt bright and exciting and I could've stayed for hours just walking through the rows. 

Summerland Hemp Wicks
Have you ever used hemp wick? Made of organic beeswax, wicks are a slow burning alternative to using a lighter or matches when you spark up. Using these wicks to light your flower or preroll provides better flavor profiles and a cleaner inhalation. As Summerland says, "Dont breathe junk. Smoke Jazz." 

Anne Truitt's Studio 
I was recently reminded of the work of Anne Truitt, an artist known for layering coats of paint on wooden structures built from her scaled drawings. Truitt would layer and then sand over 40 coats of paint on these columns, eventually achieving a smooth finish with no indication of her brush strokes. I'm reminded of last spring when we were refinishing the wood countertop. It's a tedious process, and takes patience and significantly keen eyesight. This snapshot of Truitt's studio, with the structures present, is visually stimulating to look at. I like how the light from the windows is hitting the painted panels, offering some movement and depth to an otherwise flat, stoic structure. 


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