Garden Party Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Garden Party Holiday Gift Guide 2021

By Tarleton Walmsley

Not sure what to get for the stoner in your life? No problem, we got you covered here at Garden Party!:) Read on for suggestions for what to give this holiday season. There's truly a little something for everyone, even that one friend that says they hate weedūüôÉ


Do you have a friend flirting with the idea of using cannabis in their wellness routine? This list is for them. Each of these products has been selected for ease of use, and are perfect introduction for someone new to the bright and vibrant world of CBD. 

Mountains to Sea 100mg CBD Bath Bomb- Pop this into the bath and fizz your way into hemp bliss. Bath bombs are a great addition for any bathing ritual, but the added benefit of CBD helps achy muscles and joints recover quickly. It's like epsom salts x100. 

Dogwood Botanicals Hemp Supplement- We love sharing this product with folks new to CBD. This trial size is a great entry-level way to try out tinctures to see if they're a good fit. There's a super helpful, easy-to-understand guide for dosing, which is especially helpful for people brand new to tinctures.

Grow Together Functional Fragrance by Garden Party x Citizen Bloom Botanics- Another excellent product, if we do say so ourselves;) This fragrance was made as a collaboration with our friends at Citizen Bloom Botanics. Simply apply a small amount to your wrists or behind the ears, and enjoy a medicinal dose of CBD along with an uplifting blend of 100% pure essential oils. Perfect for during the day relief.

Perhaps your friend is the opposite of canna curious, and considers themselves to be a connoisseur. For the pot head who thinks they have it all already, a brief list of items we know they'll love. 

Lou Elizabeth Pot Leaf Necklace- Next level cannabis consumers know you need an accessory that tells the world "I love weed." Lou Elizabeth's brass Pot Leaf Necklace is handmade here in Asheville and would be an excellent choice.

Summerland Ceramics Land Yacht - Take a pleasure cruise with this ceramic water pipe, the ultimate companion for connoisseurs.

Pax 3 Vaporizer - Resident expert Seth rarely leaves home without his Pax, and it's become his most used tool for consumption. It's a cleaner, more discreet approach to smoking loose flower.


For stoners into food or foodies into getting stoned. Either way, these options are for the culinary inclined.

Rose Delights Ojo Rojo CBD Gummies - This latest seasonal release from Rose is inspired by micheladas. A blend of three types of Full Belly Farm tomatoes mixed with a fermented chili paste, and finished with a celery salt and dried lime dust.

Aplos - This hemp-infused, non-alcoholic spirit is an excellent choice for foodies who imbibe. Served on the rocks or in your favorite mocktail recipe for a subtle punch of citrus and ginger.

Ficus Ceramica Banana Pipe - For those who really appreciate fresh produce:)

Sure, there are many ways to partake in a Garden Party sesh. But this list is for people who appreciate the classic approach with a beautiful, handmade pipe.

Miwak Jr Selvatica Pipe - The smoothest piece around. Miwak Junior is the best of the best, and if you aren't already smoking with a ceramic pipe make sure this is where you start. 

John Quick Ceramics Squiggle Pipe - Looking for something with a more unusual shape? Look no further than these Squiggle Pipes by our pal John Quick. Incidentally, they feel really good when being held:)

Pattern Play Glass Pipe - A new take on the classic glass pipe from your college days. These pieces remind us more of Chihuly than what we had in college though. And for that reason, we love them even more.


Every smoke session is an experience for the senses, but some of us enjoy even more heightened pleasures when partaking. 

Broccoli Talk Socks - Whether you're a fan of the Broccoli Talk Podcast or not (but you better be), you'll love these. They're super soft, and I'm a big fan of accompanying a smoke sesh with cozy socks. It exudes warm and fuzzy, and that's a feeling we want more of.

Gossamer Vol 7 Touch -  An ode to our most tactile sense, the latest volume from Gossamer goes deep on the topic of Touch. Even the cover itself is soft and velvety.

Maude Vibrator - For obvious reasons. 


I've heard of this phenomenon of "rolling" as a way of consuming cannabis. While the skill still alludes me, I know there are some people out there whose talents in the field are unmatched. For those people, I say congratulations and enjoy these gifts.

Limoncito Goods Pill Tray - An essential tool for rolling, this tray is a modern terrazzo update that will contain your loose flower perfectly as you roll your way to heaven. 

Zs King Size Papers - Papers are a staple for the high roller, and these do not disappoint. Made with flax, each pack also has filters. As luxurious as they look.

Sackville Gilded Grinder - Yet another essential element for the rolling game, but in gold and a sight to behold.


Maybe they had a bad experience in college. Perhaps they don't care for the smell. Whatever the reason, we all have that friend who loves to remind you of their disdain for weed. That's ok, though. We're here to help and subtly persuade them to reconsider.

A Weed Is a Flower - This coffee table book by Broccoli Magazine asks us to think beyond our usual associations with weed and enter a world in which art is weed, weed is art. Perhaps a new appreciation can be found in these pages.

Garden Party Blooms - For the friend that doesn't want the psychoactive results, but could use some calming relief anyway. 

Gossamer Sensible Guides - A trio of guides for those that are open to trying again, but sensibly this time around instead of at a frat party after having consumed Four Loko. 

Heilbron Herbs Soothe Yourself - Ok, we get it. You really don't like weed. Try one of Heilbron Herbs tinctures instead! Soothe Yourself is our favorite and does not have any cannabis whatsoever:)


& finally, suggestions for everyone else on your list. From books and candles to puzzles and hairclips, we really do have something for everyone at your fav mom and pop smoke shop. 

Hazeltine Candles - Handpoured in small batches, we're becoming fast friends with this new line of candles. Unique smells that make us feel nostalgic.

Le Puzz Puzzles - Something for the whole fam to enjoy, Le Puzz puzzles are inspired by vintage puzzles from the 70s and 80s. Plus each puzzle box has extra games and brain teasers on the back!

Books! - Finally, our curation of books is sure to put a smile on someone's face. Browse our Reads section and find the right fit for just about anyone on your list.



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