What We're Digging

What We're Digging

By Tarleton Walmsley

What We're Digging in the Garden This Month:


Soon we will have new neighbors joining us at 315 Haywood Rd and I couldn't be more excited. Opening this winter, Melona promises to bring "ripe and juicy apparel" to West Asheville. You'll have to wait to find out exactly what that means, but I have no doubt it's going to be exceptional. Along with our other neighbors, Crooked Creek Holler and Play Date, it's sounding like Beacham's Curve is the best new shopping destination in Asheville😎

Dogwood Botanicals Calendula Rose CBD Cream

We've been carrying this CBD face cream for a while now and although I've always loved it, I recently started using it again for a whole new reason. Last year I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, a common skin condition in which areas around the nose and mouth can become inflamed. Unfortunately, treating PD varies person to person and often includes 90 day rounds of antibiotics--something that's not really sustainable. I've tried a lot of things, including changing up my skincare routine, diet, removing steroid-based products etc. It helps but ultimately flare ups will still happen. A month ago I had a flare up, and decided to revisit Dogwood's CBD cream. I'm so glad I did--this cream is a soothing relief and helps cut down on the inflammation and redness I experience with my PD. It may not work for everyone, but I'm throwing this in the ring as an option for products that might help you out as well. 


For Seth's birthday this year, I gifted him a set of tennis rackets and now we're both hooked. We're not very good (Seth is way better). Still, casually hitting the ball back and forth has been an awesome way to exercise and get out some underlying stress and tension. You can sometimes find us at Malvern Hills in the early morning, perfecting our swings and me trying to figure out my backhand.


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