Help Different Wrld Complete Their Buildout!!!

Help Different Wrld Complete Their Buildout!!!

By Tarleton Walmsley

Back in January 2020, we hosted a paneled event called Cannabis Culture at the Mothlight. The panelists talked about legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, equitable solutions for repairing the harm the war on drugs has had on Black and Brown communities, and ways to support Black-led micro-economies.

It was at this event that I first got to work with Honey of Different Wrld. Listening to Honey share her lived experiences with the audience changed me, and if you were there it probably changed you too. Hearing Honey's story specifically challenged me to think about how Garden Party operates as a white-owned business in the cannabis space, and how we could be doing it better, more responsibly, more equitably.

Now Honey and the rest of the Different Wrld team are raising funds to complete the buildout of their culture house and creative hub. It feels full circle that the space they will occupy is the same space where Honey so eloquently and bravely shared the ways in which racism and cannabis have intersected in her life. Please read more about Different Wrld below and consider making a donation to help support this vital voice in our community. 

DIFFERENT WRLD is a culture house, creative hub, and coffee bar in Asheville, NC.

Their mission is to connect and support Asheville’s underground arts and music scene. They provide creative resources and shared community space with the aim of breaking down barriers of entry to the creative industry. 

Different Wrld is a black-led, queer, and women-owned project funded entirely by the community. They have been working to get their doors open in 2021, and have launched an iFundWomen Campaign to help them finish their buildout. Check out the video and reward tiers to help support this project and our creative community.


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