Holiday Pleasure Palette

Holiday Pleasure Palette

By Tarleton Walmsley

When we started planning this year’s gift guide, color was the first thing that came to mind. We’ve been working on our new branding and website, and before all is fully revealed, we figured what better way to introduce our new brand color palette than with it being the theme for this year’s guide.

You can consider this year’s guide a Palette of Pleasure, offering suggestions for gifting with our new brand colors. You can choose to shop this list by your giftee’s favorite color, follow the guide according to desired gifting vibe, and/or share this guide with others who may be gifting to you 😈

Lovers of ROSIN are natural leaders, interested in building connections. Makes sense, because this color can be a symbol of warmth, diversity, and encouragement. It’s also a color that helps us feel grounded and connected to the earth.

SporesWe like to consider fungi and mushrooms the connector of mother nature because of their symbiotic relationship to host trees and plants. They interact with the plant’s roots, sharing nutrients and information among different species and providing connection among the forest. Thusly, Rosin lovers will enjoy thumbing through the pages of Mushroom People’s Spores, a photography-centric book capturing the wonderful world of the mycelium network. 

Rose Mango Delights: Nothing says connection to us than with a 1:1 ratioed gummy. CBD and THC work better together, and Rose Delights has given us the microdose of each that we’ve been looking for. 

Cave Glow Studio Spiral CandlesThese spiral, beeswax candles are a literal means of warmth. Just like lovers of this soothing caramel color, these candles are a perfect companion for entertaining and adding a soft glow to your atmosphere.

Bathing Culture Body Wash: Bring the forest to your bathtime experience with this golden, silky caramel goodness. This concentrated soap is made using organic ingredients and smells like a dream too. Rosin lovers will go for the smell of balsam fir and vetiver and stay for this brand’s commitment to sustainability.


Indica Blue, the most trustworthy and loyal of all the colors. Always reliable, this is the color that always RSVP’s to the party. Its hue is calming and soothes the senses. This color is also known to be a symbol of enlightenment, responsibility, and productivity.

Wooden Spoon Herbs Magic Magnesium: An obvious choice, not only for its blue hue, but because of its ability to promote a sense of calm. We’re giving this to all of our friends this year, especially those eager to give their body a boost–in addition to supporting serenity for your nervous system, this special supplement also supports better energy levels, a healthier gut, and hydration.

Seashell Oracle Deck: We like to think of Indica Blue as somewhat of a sage among our colors, all-knowing and secure. That’s why Broccoli Magazine’s Seashell Oracle Deck is the perfect fit for lovers of this color. With this deck, we turn to the sea for support in answering life’s mysteries. Draw a card and receive an oracle to interpret the day ahead, or go for an elaborate spread to get grounded in understanding of the world around you.

Summerland Ceramics Land Yacht in Lagoon: For our most royal and loyal color, a companion piece to reliably catch a high. Made in small batches using premium ceramic materials, The Land Yacht is a stalwart choice. Only the best of the best for Indica Blue.

Knook Ceramics Incense Dish: Another excellent choice for Indica Blue lovers, the Knook Ceramics Incense Dish has become an everyday object we use for burning our favorite incense and it reliably holds sticks, cones, and palo santo sticks. Its speckled primary colors are fun to look at and you can trust that it has been made with form and function in mind.

Who loves the sun? Sativa Yellow does! This color is the brightest of the bunch and exudes happiness, optimism, and positivity. This is for the friend that helps keep you in check (just not in a toxic way!) and offers the best advice for pulling yourself up by the bootstraps to get through another day.

Sarah Neal Pot Leaf Stained Glass: A locally made treasure for sunny day lovers, Sarah Neal’s stained glass pot leaf will capture bright and beautiful colors while it hangs in a window. 

3 Potato 4 Coin Pouch: It’s always a happy day with Three Potato Four’s coin pouches, especially so with this bright and vibrant face smiling at you as you dig in your purse. 

Happy Hour Joints: Happy Hour is all the time with these CBG flower joints by Gossamer. We love these for their focus-forward feeling, and because they’re an excellent afternoon reset, helping us get our minds back on track. 

Warm Feelings: Perhaps the boldest scent in Everyday Oil’s lineup, notes of blood orange and patchouli will be an antidote to gloomy winter days. Sativa loving friends will be in positive spirits applying this all-over body oil.

This color reminds us of bubble baths, super soft socks, and that buzzy feeling you get when you’re falling in love. Indeed, Plummy Gummy is the color of romance, fantasy, and nostalgia. This color is for the homebody in your life.  

The Grass Agency Superbloom: The Grass Agency’s Superbloom Chillum in lavender is our new go-to piece. And that buzzy feeling we mentioned? Look no further. This borosilicate glass piece in the shape of a flower is durable, and meant for just a couple of hits to get you feeling warm and fuzzy. 

Le Bon Cottage Socks: Le Bon Shoppe has been a fan-favorite for years now, and the new-to-the-shop Cottage Socks are a foolproof gift for this soft color. You’ll be feeling cozy in no time at all, and one step closer to living out your cottagecore fantasies.

Le Puzz Puzzle: Plummy Gummy lovers are creatures of comfort, preferring a night in above all else. Plus, this color loves a little nostalgia, so what better way to gift than with a quirky, cool puzzle. It even comes with extra games on the outside of the box for you to mull over when you’re in the midst of a 1000 piece challenge.

Crumi Stuff Earrings: Crumi’s handblown glass dangles are just the thing for lovers of this color. We can’t think of anything more romantic than a dainty pair of earrings. These earrings feature handblown glass beads with freshwater pearls. 


So fresh and so green. Broccoli is all about growth and renewal. We smell a freshly mowed lawn just by looking at it, and indeed–this is an uplifting color representing nature’s many bounties. It is pure, it is lively, and it is uplifting all at the same time.

Ficus Ceramica Broccoli Pipe: Not to be so literal, but the Ficus Ceramica Broccoli pipe is made for this color. It is playful, and makes anyone who sees it very happy indeed. 

Otherside Hemp THCA flower: The first time we visited the Otherside Hemp Farm, we felt so inspired. It was in early spring, just as flowers were beginning to bloom and trees started to turn green. We felt an immediate connection to the earth, and meeting the family behind this brand was an absolute delight. Otherside Hemp’s THCA flower is part of our toolbox of stress support, giving us a light and uplifting feeling each time we partake. Note: available in store only.

Loam’s Harvest Basket Candle: For lovers of Broccoli Green, a scent made specifically to celebrate the season’s harvest. Notes of hay, tobacco, vetiver, and patchouli pay tribute to the end of summer, just as plant production begins to wind down and we celebrate the growing season’s gifts. This scent is so fresh, and yet musky and earthy at the same time. 

Chunks Flower Hair Claw: We imagine the people loving this color might also love a flower in their hair. That’s why we’ve chosen the new Chunks Flower Hair Claw, an accessory for our Mother-Nature loving buds. 

Playful, bright, and energetic. These are the words that come to mind for this color, also known for its youthful vitality. Perhaps the flirtiest, adventure-seeking color of the group, lovers of this color aren’t afraid of trying new things and reaching new heights.

Baggu Fanny Pack: Lovers of this color are always on the go, and adventuring gets a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about a place to put your phone, keys, and wallet. 

Garden Party Longsleeve Tee: Our new longsleeve tees are just the thing for this cheeky color. Featuring a subtle nod to our favorite activity (smoking weeeeeed hehe), this cozy longsleeve is the best way to rep your favorite boutique headshop.

Chillhouse Chill Tips: Cherry lovers aren’t afraid to mix it up. That’s why these Chill Tips are just the thing–in the mood for checkerboard nails? Of course you are! But maybe the next day you wanna go bold with an iridescent, color changing set of nails. These easy-to-apply sets make it super easy to be playful with your look.

Stoned Fruit: This color has been around the block and smoked its fair share of bowls over the years. That’s why we’re picking the strongest edible we offer, Nice Hemp Co’s Stoned Fruit Chews. Each box has a 1:5 ratio of CBD and hemp-derived Delta 9 THC for a very intoxicating feeling. This is what we meant when we said “reaching new heights.” ;) 

What if you love all the colors and can’t choose just one? Not a problem, and we completely agree. All of these colors are meant to standout together and it’s absolutely hard to choose just one. This category is great for anyone, but especially for creative types, or for those of us who simply cannot decide and want all the color all the time.

Martina Thornhill Okay Cup: These slipcast ceramic cups are great when you’re burning the midnight oil, school drop off, or for afternoon coffee breaks. And the split colorways are just the kind of color study we love.

Barbari Herbal Spliffs: If only a preroll a day kept the doctor away, right?!? While we can't make any medical claims, we can say with certainty that these herbal prerolls are catered toward helping you curate a mood. Feeling flirty? Try the Car Sex. Wanna wind down after a hard day, go for Airplane Mode. And if you simply wanna chill, Muse is for you.

Edie Parker Grinder: These grinders are so cute, and are a great way to grind your favorite strains. The soft touch and colors make this a visual and tactile experience for your loved one to enjoy.

Garden Party Stickers: Our updated logomark design is so cute, and we couldn’t stick to just one color when we ordered these stickers for the shop. Collect one or collect them all, especially if like us you can’t decide which you like best!


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