Slouching Toward Dry January

Slouching Toward Dry January

By Clare Sausen

We’re at the point in January where we begin to wonder why we decided to make it “dry” in the first place. The days are short! Who needs self-imposed restriction? The astrological new year doesn’t start until March anyway! But there is value in sticking to your commitments, and there’s even more value in taking a break from alcohol. 

There’s no doubt that alcohol temporarily makes us feel good. It blanks your mind out, relaxes your body, and makes it much easier to dance without worrying about what to do with your arms. But it’s also a one-way ticket to feeling much worse over time. From hangxiety to a wrecked digestive system, it’s no wonder more of us are getting curious about ways to feel better without the boomerang

But dry doesn’t have to mean dull (don’t worry, I won’t use the word d*mp) and there are plenty of plant-based ways to keep the Garden Party going for the rest of the month. 

Photo courtesy of Ghia

Ghia is an alcohol-free aperitif with a Mediterranean M.O., seeking to capture the taste of sailing the sea on a sun-soaked afternoon without the buzz — well, at least not the one you’re used to. The secret to Ghia’s signature feeling are nervines: herbs that support the nervous system instead of suppressing it  to actually make you feel better. Nervines soothe the mind while bringing you back into your body, all while providing the signature bitter bite of your favorite spirit. Best served over ice in the fanciest glass you can find, Ghia is a great choice for scratching your cocktail itch. 

Photo courtesy of Recess 

Recess uses hemp, adaptogens, and adorable packaging to create the perfect “third beverage” that brings a touch of little treat culture to your day. Their specific blend of functional herbs offers calm and clarity to aid you through the 3 pm slump or post-game lull. Never tired, never wired, Recess is a feeling in a can you can enjoy at home or bring on the go.    

Photo courtesy of DRAM 

Who among us doesn’t have a touch of a Diet Coke addiction? Despite the soda’s so-called “natural flavors,” there’s nothing good for you about the synthetic, chemical-laden ingredients that offer that signature sweetness. DRAM offers a botanical seltzer rich with real plants like cardamom & black tea, lavender & lemon balm, and my personal favorite mushroom cola to offer full flavor without the nonsense. For the last few weeks of Dry January, consider DRAM your calorie-free (and better tasting) beer swap.  

*Please note: we are not able to sell Dram on our website at the moment but shoot us an email or DM and we can let you know what flavors we've got available and send an invoice:)


Clare Sausen is a freelance writer focused on cannabis, culture, and design — mostly. She created and writes the cannabis smokeware newsletter High Design and the cannabis events column “High Functioning” for Byline, but you can read her work in High Times Magazine, Where’s Weed, or Broccoli Magazine, too. She’s also a content manager, publicist, copywriter, and brand representative for some of your favorite names in plant medicine (and plant recreation).


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