Think of this as your one-stop, online journal for education, happenings, and more from your buds at Garden Party.

  • What We're Digging

    What We're Digging

    Maybe it's a book, perhaps it's a tv show or a favorite song. Could be an activity, a special product we carry at the shop, or even a state of mind. Whatever it is, we're digging it in the garden...

  • Loving You

    Loving You

    You might not realize it, but you have an epic romance that will last a lifetime. Whether you are solo and shining, partnered and content, or having fun dating folks who strike your fancy, you (yes, you!) are the love...

  • đŸ”¥Burning QuestionsđŸ”¥ with Jay

    đŸ”¥Burning QuestionsđŸ”¥ with Jay

    Burning Questions is a new-ish series on our blog in which we get to dive deep with our vendors, colleagues in cannabis, and generally rad people who we admire, asking them all our most pertinent inquiries. And because Jay has...

  • Garden Party's Equity Goals: 2021 Edition

    Garden Party's Equity Goals: 2021 Edition

    Each year, as we begin to set new goals for ourselves as a business, I also like to look at our numbers to see how we're doing as a business with achieving our equity goals. In case you missed it,...

  • Garden Party Guest List: Joan Didion

    Garden Party Guest List: Joan Didion

    Garden Party Guest List: A person, living or deceased, real or imagined, that always has an invite to our Party. It should come as no surprise that a good bit of Garden Party's aesthetic is heavily influenced by California design...

  • Reflecting on 2021

    Reflecting on 2021

    On the precipice of a new year, it's a natural time to reflect back at the last year and look inward for signs of growth and change. Splintered within that need to take inventory comes a strong, anxiety-inducing desire to...