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  • Burning Questions With Shi🔥

    Burning Questions With Shi🔥

    Today on the blog we're getting to know Shi, the newest member of the Garden Party team. You might have already had the chance to meet Shi (she/they) at the shop over the holidays, but you can find them Garden...

  • How Garden Party Gives Back

    How Garden Party Gives Back

    Although we're in the midst of holiday excitement and gift giving, we also wanted to take time to focus this month's blog post on community care in action. We want to share some of the community-led organizations whose work we admire, engage...

  • Holidaze Astrology: A Gift Guide for your Sign

    Holidaze Astrology: A Gift Guide for your Sign

    The perfect gift is written in the stars. You were born for this Astrology Gift Guide from Garden Party.  Aries Your favorite Aries is always down for friendly competition. Fuel this feistiness with a night of challenges: A Le Puzz...

  • A Canna Brownie Seance

    A Canna Brownie Seance

    The many minds who contributed to this iconic edible come together It’s a moonlit October evening and the tangle of leaves that swirl around Garden Party’s doorstep are full of magic tonight. We’re gathered here to invite the ghosts of...

  • Digging In The Garden

    Digging In The Garden

    Maybe it's a book, perhaps it's a tv show or a favorite song. It could be an activity, a special product we carry at the shop, or even a state of mind. Whatever it is, we're digging it in the...

  • Is CBD Good For Pets?

    Is CBD Good For Pets?

    If our pets could talk, oh the conversations we’d have! They’d bark their wildest dreams, meow their biggest fears, and maybe squawk the secrets of the universe. They could also tell us when they’re hurting and how to help. While...