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  • Digging In The Garden

    Digging In The Garden

    Maybe it's a book, perhaps it's a tv show or a favorite song. It could be an activity, a special product we carry at the shop, or even a state of mind. Whatever it is, we're digging it in the...

  • The State of Things

    The State of Things

    TLDR: Garden Party is seeking an investor(s) to help us purchase commercial property and enter our next phase of growth. Please read on for more:) Did you know May is Small Business Month? I didn't know either, but it's true...

  • Happy Hour Tokes

    Happy Hour Tokes

    Get Lifted with Gossamer’s CBG Joints It’s 4:20 somewhere, but not at your desk today. Late meetings, looming deadlines, and family responsibilities mean that decompressing with a big hazy bong rip just won’t fit into your schedule. You know being...

  • CBD and THC: A Love Story

    CBD and THC: A Love Story

    Two cannabinoids, both alike in dignity, in fair United States, where we lay our scene. From ancient harmony break to new mutiny, Where civil legislation makes civil hands unclean. Star-Crossed Lovers THC and CBD were once great lovers living in...

  • Equity Initiatives in 2022

    Equity Initiatives in 2022

    2022 marks our third year actively adhering to a set of equity initiatives first penned by our canna colleague Danielle Adams of Hemp Equity NC.  Although Hemp Equity NC is on hiatus, we continue to follow this set of initiatives...

  • Tolerance Breaks to Rest and Reset

    Tolerance Breaks to Rest and Reset

    Tolerance breaks are sweeping the cannabis influencer space as a growing number of people seek to moderate their cannabis use. We think this mindfulness around cannabis consumption is wonderful, but we’ve also noticed some questionable guides to taking a tolerance...